The Walker legacy continues

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

I was told to find an article that interested me for a class I’m taking and talk a little bit about it.

As I was scrolling through the headlines, this article written by Alan Duke of CNN caught my attention, because, well, I fricken love Paul Walker. 


Photo of Walker used by CNN.

Growing up, I was never a fan of the Fast and Furious movies. This was mostly because I was raised extremely conservatively and I naturally thought the girls dancing around in bikinis was essentially porn. 

In high school, I dated a “super fan” of the films, and he made me watch the entire series so we could see the preview of “Fast Five” together. I INSTANTLY fell in love with the films. Not because of the acting or the writing (which aren’t the best), but because of the feeling you get watching those movies. It makes you want to go out and be daring and not live life according to the book. Not to mention, the cars. Oh man, the cars. 

Paul, before his death, was able to complete the majority of the “Fast and Furious 7”. However, he died before they could finish some of the action scenes. The film crew invited his two brothers, Caleb and Cody, into the Fast and Furious “family” to help stand in and finish the scenes that their brother Paul could not complete.

The article, posted on CNN, incorporated interactive videos in addition to the text itself and a slideshow of pictures. 

I personally enjoyed the slideshow, because in addition to Paul Walker being awesome to look at, it also shows major moments from some of his most memorable films. Fast and Furious, Pawn Shop Chronicles, Takers, and Into the Blue. 

The author also posted 2 “tribute” videos on the side of the article that readers could watch. I thought these were useful because they are entertaining for people that don’t necessarily want to read an entire article. However, if someone was a true Paul Walker fan, they could read a novel about him. One video was titled “5 Reasons we love Paul Walker”, and the other was titled, “In Loving Memory” which ended up going viral. A few of the reasons listed in the video for loving Walker was that he was a “family man”, a “fan favorite”, a “heart throb”, and an “adrenaline junkie”. The author also added a video clip of Walker’s car accident, which gave the article more emotional impact. 

In addition to the videos and the slideshow, I think they could have done a survey and taken votes on which Paul Walker film was the fan favorite. They could have shown a larger timeline rather than just ten photos to really document all the work he had done in his lifetime. The slideshow did not do that justice because his resume is much more impressive than the photos that were shown. To see his complete list of films, check out his IMDB. 

I would have asked the author how he chose the videos that he did because there are so many videos of Paul Walker online. An even tougher decision was why he chose the photos that he did for the slideshow. If you “google” Paul Walker, the amount of photos he has posted throughout the years goes above and beyond what any slideshow could display. I think the author did a great job choosing them however, because he catered to all types of Paul Walker fans. The action fans, the drama fans, and the girls that just want to see him shirtless. Lastly, I would ask the author if he thought he made the right choice by adding a clip of Walker’s death. For some viewers, that might have been too graphic. I personally think it did the article justice, but I would be curious as to whether or not he debated putting it in there, or if it was a “no brainer”. 


R.I.P Paul Walker. ❤ 

  1. joashmencias says:

    Interesting photo gallery using Walker’s previous work. Adds a sentimental element to the story.

  2. sainaa says:

    I agree with all the comments you made while presenting your peace.

  3. btargo04 says:

    I also did my article from CNN and it seems like all CNN articles are the same as far as multimedia purposes.

  4. melplow says:

    Lol at the Ice Cube thing that was supposed to be a link. I agree with you though- I think it was weird that they didn’t show any pictures of Walker’s brothers?

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